Written and illustrated by Melanie Ann
Children's book by author Melanie Ann

Shine Bright is a playful tale about the self-conflict we are often faced with when growing up. Fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of being different

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Intended for ages 4 to 8

   Ann is a soon-to-be mother excited about her new journey. Although, when one of her beloved frog eggs decides to stop growing (or does it?) what's a mother frog to do?

As she attempts to understand his choice, her other froglets try to convince this sweet egg to embrace its froggy destiny

"But, what if I'm not like the others? What will they think”?


Through a twist of fate, Ann's little one unexpectedly breaks free from its egg and is forced to confront its reality. Only to reveal its beauty and unique difference to the world.

Finally, this fantastic amphibian is able to dive headfirst into its new life and SHINE BRIGHT!

   A playful and sensitively written story intended to encourage confidence and self-assurance in young readers

 A perfect vocabulary builder for ages 4 to 8, with an additional supportive glossary at the back of the book. 

Take a look inside!

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